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In an effort to display my front-end projects and knowledge, I’ve joined a few online networks and communities.  All these sites are great resources and pretty common among junior and senior developer / designers.  If you aren’t familiar with any of them start lurking around and see what you’ve been missing.


With it’s Octocat mascot, GitHub is an internet hosting service, a version control repository, and an all around developers playground.  GitHub isn’t just for front front-end developers either.  Ruby, Java, C++, Python, and even Go developers can take advantage of the GitHub cloud and related services.  Content creators can share projects, programs, information, demos, and anything else code related.  Other users can watch, star, edit, fork, or download these repositories.

Check out what I’ve been up to on GitHub


CodePen is an online community that caters specifically towards front-end designers and developers.  Users write front-end code to test and showcase their projects (known as pens) to other users who can fork, heart, and edit these pens.  One of the great things about CodePen is its online code editor which allows you write vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the page.  The cherry on top is the additional pre-processor settings that can let you write in HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript, and a lot more.

See what I’ve done on CodePen

Stack Overflow

If you’ve ever had difficulties with your code, a language, or program, there’s a good chance you’ve come across this site.  Stack Overflow is a huge library of technical questions and answers from users like you.  Like GitHub, Stack Overflow isn’t limited to just front-end issues but a wide range of topics in computer programming.  There are question about .NET, Perl, C#, content managers like Django and Drupal, and even programs like Visual Studios, Dreamweaver, and Google Chrome.  Common questions as well as the most agreed upon responses are voted up by other users.  The user who submits the original question can then pick which answer serves them best.

My rather empty Stack Overflow profile


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