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Hello hello again again.  It’s been over a year long hiatus since I’ve last posted on this blog.  However, I’ve return with a new post, a bit of news, and a new site theme: version 9.

Why version 9?

This site has gone through around nine different iteration.  From a single page with a handful of words, to a modified WordPress theme, a single page application, to fully customized starter theme.  It’s been a long journey with many twists and turns, but hopefully the ninth time’s a charm.

There’s a handful of similarities between this version and the previous theme (titled A.G. Theme).  The front page and site background, for example, are nearly identical.  However, version 9 has been built completely from the ground up.  It took what was good about A.G. Theme, enhanced the design, improved the functionality, and added a whole lot of better through out the site.  Here’s a brief list of note-worthy changes:

  • A better container design for posts and pages
  • A functioning search page
  • Smaller file size for the overall theme

There’s tons of other tweaks and changes, both major and minor.  It’s hard to list everything, I wasn’t the best at keeping a record when building the A.G. Theme.  A.G. Theme was the first WordPress theme I ever created, and with it came a lot of rookie mistakes, useless coding, and poor decisions.  You can view the work and any issues in all its glory by checking out the repository on Github.

You can also view all the work, progress, and coding put into the version 9 theme on Github as well.

Where have I been?

In mid May of 2017, I was offered an internship role with OutMatch Associates Inc.  OutMatch is a small team of individuals running several health and wellness networks, and I was brought on as a Junior Developer.  I spent three months under the guidance of the Senior Developer and CTO learning about and assisting in the development of their core projects.

After my internship was up, they gave me a position to be a full time developer.  Over the last several months, I was collaborating with the in house graphic designer, developing and learning tons of different things, and working along side many great individuals.

I’ve taken a bit of a break since my time there, reorganizing my workflow, cleaning up my computer files, etc.  I’ve taken on some freelancing gigs, including redesigning moltoDESTROYED.  As previously noted, I’ve also spent time redesigning this website as well.

Where am I going?

With my freelancing work complete, and with this site being revamped and up-to-date, I’m getting back into the job market.  As mentioned, I hope to post some helper notes I made during my time at OutMatch over the next few weeks.  Beyond that, I plan on searching for a web developer position and become a valuable contributor to a team.

Wish me luck!

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