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Hello, my name is Andrew Skrypnyk.  I am web designer & developer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I am passionate about writing clean and concise code, building beautiful and bug-free pages, and creating responsive, user friendly websites.

In January of 2013, I began taking night classes at a community college where I was learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Since then I’ve been enhancing my skills on web development by taking my studies from the classroom to the internet.  Whether it’s reading about the latest libraries, or toying with another developers project, I’m continually keeping my tools and skill set sharp.

My personal workstation is a simple MacBook Air.  Locally running Vagrant’s virtualbox, I do my coding in Brackets.  Browser of choice is Google Chrome, but I keep other major browsers around for testing.  I pull and push repo projects with Axosoft’s GitKraken, and use FileZilla for uploading files to the web.  For any and all kinds of photos and image modifications, I play with Adobe Photoshop.

The purpose of this web site is to keep a record of and show off past projects I’d been involved with.  From time to time, I’ll blog about my experience with these projects, write tutorials, deconstruct code, or talk about something new I’ve come across.

When I’m not lost in web building, I can found jogging around my local neighbourhood, cycling when the weather is nice, watching classic and contemporary films, solving sudoku puzzles, or beginning a game of chess with D2 – D4.

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