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The Hearty Soul on DesktopThe Hearty Soul is a small group of healthcare specialists and digital marketers.  They share health and wellness information.


The Hearty Soul on MobileThe Hearty Soul is one of the first projects given to me when I joined the OutMatch Associates Inc team.  Development of the site was already under way when I came on.  Setting up a local environment on my laptop, I learned the tools and libraries the team were using to build the site.  I reviewed the progress that had been done so far, and then started to work on the site, creating the pages and items that were still needed.  My contribution to The Hearty Soul was from mid June of 2017, and ended mid March of 2018.

During this time, The Hearty Soul development team consisted of the chief technical officer, the senior developer, and myself acting as the junior developer.  Many of The Hearty Soul designs and images were in collaboration with our graphic designer.


Some of my contributions include (but are not limited to):

  • Building up the main menu navigation
  • Creating the contributor, staff, and about page
  • Styling the featured contributor slider
  • Developing the main footer for the site
  • Adding the author card component on article pages
  • Setting the lazy loading feature to article images
  • Assisting the senior developer in building the sales page
  • Finding a useable AMP plugin and developing a custom AMP theme
  • Researching and testing a variety of plugins to see which suits The Hearty Soul the best
  • Constructing a pop-up modal for their promotional items

The Hearty Soul on a TabletTechnical Specs

The Hearty Soul uses WordPress as their CMS.  Many site components use the Vue.js framework.  The jQuery library runs on the site, however we avoid using it whenever possible.  The front-end uses Bootstrap v3.3.7 as its framework.  Other site assets include Google Fonts, and Font Awesome icons.The Hearty Soul on a Laptop

All screen shots were captured on July 3rd, 2018

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