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myKore Essentials on DesktopmyKore Essentials is a storefront website for selling pure magnesium oil.  They also promote the benefits and provide information on magnesium.


myKore Essentials on MobileI was responsible for the entire development process while working at OutMatch Associates Inc.  Originally, the client asked for the site to be built using the Shopify e-commerce platform.  I spent some time studying the software, browsing through their free themes, and learning about their templating language Liquid,  After gaining a firm grasp on the platform, I started building the storefront.

After a change up in their management however, they asked to move the site to the UltraCart platform.  Starting all over, I took time studying their software, looking through theme styles, and learning the Velocity templating language.  Soon after understanding their process, I began setting up the new myKore Essentials storefront.

myKore Essentials on a TabletThe teams graphic designer was critical in providing images, photos, and laying out most aspects of the site.  We collaborated on choosing a theme which would be used as the base framework of the site.  With instructions from the client or fellow associates, the designer would create the look of the front, sales, and ebook page.  I would take the designs and code them exactly, while also making them mobile friendly.


  • Setting up the header, footer, and navigation menu
  • Building and styling the sales, and e-book page
  • Installing a carousel format for the testimonial section on the sales page
  • Creating the accordion format for the FAQ page
  • Including meta info on the site
  • Linking the back-end to PayPal, ShipStation, and PureChat
  • Adding various product content (images, weight, size, price, etc.)
  • Configuring the contact form

Technical Specs

myKore Essentials uses UltraCart as its platform.  They use Velocity as their templating language.  The theme loads the jQuery v 1.11.1, jQuery UI, and Foundation extension libraries.  The testimonial section on the info page uses bxSlider, a responsive jQuery content slider.  The front-end uses Foundation as its framework.  Another site asset is Google Fonts.

myKore Essentials on a Laptop

All screen shots were captured on July 4th, 2018

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