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Healthy Holistic Living on DesktopHealthy Holistic Living is one of the world’s largest online communities that supports people with a passion for holistic living.  It serves as a resource for those who desire to create a shift in their lives.


Healthy Holistic Living on mobileHealthy Holistic Living was another project I was apart of when I was working with the OutMatch Associates Inc. team.  Initial development began in late August of 2017 by the chief technical officer.  The general outline of the sites header, category, article, and front page were being coded during this time.  When I came onto the project in mid September of 2017, I took over as lead.  Setting up a local environment on my laptop, I would continue to work on the project until mid March of 2018.

The senior developer at OutMatch joined the project in mid October of 2017.  Many of the pages, sections, and panels were designed by the teams graphic designer.  Page content and categories we’re added at the discretion of our fellow co-workers and partners.


I was in charge of a lot aspects on Healthy Holistic Living, including:

  • Styling the nav menu for mobile and desktop
  • Building up several pages (article, author, about, 404, etc.)
  • Constructing the main footer of the site
  • Adding an article progress bar that follows where the user is on the page
  • Installing social share buttons to the article page
  • Creating the subscribe form and panel box
  • Configuring the related posts plugin to work with the site
  • Setting up and styling the lazy loader
  • Researching, and testing various plugins for the site
  • Developing a pop-up modal for promoting their items

Healthy Holistic Living on a TabletTechnical Specs

Healthy Holistic Living uses WordPress as their CMS.  The navigation menu in the header, and the subscribe form in the body and footer uses the Vue.js framework.  The jQuery slim v.3.2.1 library runs on the site, however we avoid referencing it whenever possible.  The front-end uses Bootstrap v3.3.7 as its framework.Healthy Holistic Living on a Laptop

All screen shots were captured on March 12th, 2018

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