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Guevarra Design on DesktopGuevarra Design is the personal portfolio for Toronto based graphic designer Eloisa Guevarra.  The site shows off her various works with her modern, clean, and simple style.


When Elosia came to me asking about a personal website, she had a general idea of what she wanted:

  • To showcase and share projects she had worked on
  • To have an about page with information about herself
  • A form people could use to contact her
  • The ability for people to connect with her through a social network.

Guevarra Design on MobileAfter a brief consultation, it was agreed that she would find a WordPress theme that met her specifications.  Once found, I would help develop and launch Guevarra Design.

She came back to me with StanleyWP, an elegant theme created to showcase a users work in a simple way.  I started making a WordPress site on my localhost, installing, and activating the chosen theme.  Learning the options the theme provides was pretty straight forward.  I began to set up the pages, contact form, and customizing the different sections.  After adding dummy text and stock photos to give a sense of what Guevarra Design would look like, we scheduled another meeting.

Guevarra Design on a TabletI showed her how to go about adding projects, the limits to what she could add (such as file size, file format, etc.), how to build her own about page, and customize different sections like the main header and footer.  I answered any questions she had until she was comfortable enough to add her own content and personalize the site.

The final step was setting up a URL to point to the hosting server.  I explained to her how and where she could get a domain name.  Once she became the owner of her own domain, I helped her point the URL to the correct DNS location.Guevarra Design on a Laptop

All screen shots were captured on July 4th, 2018

Click here to view Guevarra Design